Different Types Of Gamblers

By Online Casinos

Different Types Of Gamblers

With so many gamblers in this world there are several different types of them that are recognized by experts in the industry. This includes professional, casual social, serious social, relief/escape and compulsive gamblers.

Professional gamblers are those who have successfully made a living out of it. They only play the casino games that they are the best at, in order to ensure their continuing success. This type of gambler always has their bidding under control and can easily regulate the time they spend playing.

Casual social gamblers consider it to be a form of entertainment and nothing else. These gamblers will choose to go to the casino in order to relax and distract themselves from everyday life. This type of gambler also includes people who simply buy lottery tickets. None of them allow their gambling to interfere with any other aspect of their life. They fully understand that gambling is technically a sport of some type and that it is something to do in order to pass time.

Serious social gamblers consider casino games to be the ultimate form of entertainment and relaxation. They spend much more time gambling than their casual counterparts do. In fact, they generally put their gambling needs ahead of their personal and family needs. However, they do gamble responsibly and generally will easily be able to control the amount of time and the amount of money they spend on gambling.

Those who gamble for relief/escape often do so because it alleviates their depression, anxiety, loneliness, anger and boredom. Whenever they are going through a difficult time or a full blown crisis they will turn to gambling to help them cope. The act of gambling anesthetizes their feelings as opposed to providing them with the sense of euphoria that other types of gamblers get from this activity. This type of gambler is not one that is compulsive as it is generally thought of as the equivalent of those who drink to escape.

However, compulsive gamblers are the types that often destroy their lives as a result of engaging in this hobby. They have no control over their own actions when they are gambling and consider it to be the most important aspect of their life. This is an addiction that only continues to grow unless one seeks professional help. When they fail to do so their gambling causes problems with friends, family and employers. Many compulsive gamblers face demotions or firings because they are no longer performing their job to the best of their abilities. Personal relationships often suffer and even end when one becomes a compulsive gambler. This type of gambler often turns to stealing, drugs and other crimes in order to fund their gambling activities. Compulsive gamblers are also known as pathological gamblers because gambling turns into a lifestyle choice.

These are the different types of gamblers and the compulsive/pathological type is the only one that is destructive and unhealthy. Each of these types approaches gambling in their own way.