iGaming Lounges

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iGaming Lounges

In an effort to attract millennials to land based casinos, a handful of them are opening iGaming lounges located in conjunction to the casino floor. An iGaming lounge allows gamblers to play electronic table games in a comfortable environment in which alcoholic drinks are easily obtained.

One of the first land based casinos to open its own iGaming lounge is Resorts Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City. Their touchscreens allow gamblers to play games such as blackjack on a set the size of the average sports bar TV. The lounge even has couches for gamblers to relax on while still enjoying an interactive game.

Research conducted by MMGY Global, a travel-marketing firm, found that 86% of young people who gamble wanted to play in a gaming area that also encourages socializing, as iGaming lounges do. In comparison only 55% of older gamblers had any interest in even visiting an iGaming lounge. The firm’s research also determined that of the millennials who go to casinos, 87% of them desired skill based games rather than games based on chance. Among those gamblers older than millennials only 54% of them would play skill based games.

A Resorts Digital Game consultant estimated that the majority of gamblers using iGaming lounges are in their twenties. While the iGaming lounge at Resorts features casino games with elements of video games included, the consultant has made the argument that chance based games will always have a place in casinos. He has stated that games that require players to have too many skills may backfire on the casinos because those players will abandon the skills based games in favor of chance based games they believe they have better odds of winning at.

Another land based casino that has opened an iGaming lounge is Oregon’s Mill Casino, located in North Bend. It is Oregon’s first casino to give its visitors the option of being able to sit in the lounge and play games on an iPad. Each iPad game is electronically connected to the Mill Casino. Gamblers can sit anywhere in the lounge and still access their favorite games. When gamblers enter the lounge and iGaming host hands them an electronic handheld device and even helps them find a game to play. The lighting in the lounge was installed specifically to enhance each game’s visual impact on gamblers. The seating in the lounge is also customized and gamblers can even order food and drink to consume in the lounge.

States that support iGaming have struggled to get rid of the stigma placed on Internet gambling when it was against federal law. After a 2006 act was passed concerning enforcing the law against online gambling, online casinos bases outside of the United States were put under a microscope and scrutinized.

Many U.S banks refuse to allow their account holders to use bank issues credit and debit cards to gamble online. This is only likely to change if both Pennsylvania and California come to a decision to legalize online gambling.