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The casino market in America has changed drastically since the 2006 passing of the UIGEA. However, as a citizen or resident of the USA, it’s important to understand that gambling is not illegal as a player, but rather that online casinos are not allowed to operate within the USA. In other words, no law says players from the US market are not allowed to play at online casinos.

However, as many of you might know, this has caused many of the software companies to withdraw from online casinos that cater to the US market. This simply meant that casinos that provide gaming options to the American market need to obtain a license elsewhere to continue offering gaming opportunities to the region. This means casinos that have been licensed in other countries are actually allowed to provide gaming to these markets, which is why a wide range of online casinos have once again been established to offer online casino games to America.

Why Choose an Online Casino in the USA?

US online casinos provide many benefits for players of all types, which simply can’t be matched by land-based casinos, even when visiting Las Vegas. Firstly, online casinos offer a much bigger selection of casino games, which includes classic, 3D slots, and hundreds of different themes featured on thousands of slots. Some land-based casinos might provide many games, but they are still limited by their floor space when new games come in, it means some of the older games need to go. With online casinos, all the games remain available, no matter how many new games are available.

Another huge benefit for online gaming casinos is that you can choose how much to wager. Many of you will know that land-based casinos tell you what the coin value is and players need to adjust the lines and bet levels accordingly to suit their bet amount. Online casinos let you choose everything from coin values to the bet level, giving players a much bigger betting range, meaning low rollers and high rollers can play all the games they desire.

US online casinos also provide much bigger progressive jackpots, which can be activated with any betting value. Looking at the record books, you will find online casinos hold the current world record, which took place in 2013 on a NetEnt video slot. Most online developers offer progressive jackpots with life changing amounts up for grabs.